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Wellbeing & Career Coach 

Wellbeing for yourself or for your employees.

Simple and easy, no well-being non-sense.

Six years ago, I was a corporate tax officer living in Paris, very well paid but not very happy. Work, career, country... I quit everything, and I have never regretted it!


Today, through life & career coaching and meditation, I help people to jump into the professional or personal life they are craving for so long.

My Services

For people who are looking for a career / life / lifestyle change

My programmes "Mindful career pathfinder" and "Mindful life pathfinder" have been around for three years and helped dozens of people.

They focus on mapping each one's unique skills and thriving environment before designing a life change/career change action plan.      


For beginners who want to start meditation but do not know how to get into it

I offer affordable classes (groups or individuals) to people who want to:

- start meditation but do not know how ger into,

- create their own meditation routine. 

My meditations are short, super simple, accessible to everyone and out of any dogma.

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